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…I was in my POS class, and my teacher was telling us to vote for this guy who he used to teach in some skiing competition. So we watch his video (as you can tell, our lesson was very productive) and he falls over a bit but he’s alright.

Anyway, so we’re all talking about it and it reminded me of this article on Feministing (click here) where they were talking about women not being allowed to compete in skiing at Olympic level. So I asked, all innocence, “are there any women in the competition?”

And the WHOLE class (yes, including my friends), looked round at me like ‘wtf?’ and laughed. Because I’m hilarious, right? Cos I have this crazy-ass notion that women matter, and am getting a reputation as ‘that outspoken feminist girl who finds women’s issues in everything‘? It’s driving me CRAZY!!! So I said, rather quietly into the table, ‘it was a genuine question’ and the teacher said no, it’s the male section of the competition.

Is there a female section? Response: I dunno. Great.

So that’s my complaint for the day. Or for the year. Oh what I’d give to meet someone who just said they were a feminist without having to be TOLD.


Oh and I just rediscovered some links I’d saved as ‘ugh’:



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And on that note – adieu.


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