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and the generations before


and before that


and even before that. Nothing seems to change.


Read an interesting article in the Woman section of the G2, deeply depressing but interesting nonetheless. Especially as the number of ‘gentleman’s’ clubs in Brighton seems to be increasing, which is insane. They should not exist in the first place, but to build more? New ones? It pains me greatly to think that this is seen as acceptable. This, also relevant but from last year, is fascinating but so sad. Ditto with this timewise – it just confirms what is said in both other sites I’ve referenced – that young women are being sexualised.


On a lighter note, this is promising.


And, to counter it, as for every piece of good news there is ALWAYS at least 10 pieces of bad news, try this.

Ok, so I was going to link to this article on Feministing about a guy whose brother raped his wife by pretending to be the husband. Disgusting, especially considering the response from the agony aunt who was written to about it. But as I went to pick up the link, I saw something new. The link I have actually given you makes me feel physically sick. Truly, to the bottom of my stomach.

In fact, being the over-emotional-hysterical woman that I am, it makes me cry. That other women can ridicule a woman who has been mutilated…it begs belief. I just have no words to even begin to explain how foul it is to mock a woman for her abuse.

In a supposedly ‘developed’ country, why is it we are faced every day with such disgraceful disregard for women?

. .

It makes me wonder what the point is, really. As I said before – I’m talking bout my generation, but it’s the same for so many generations gone by that one begins to wonder if it’s possible to progress at all.

Perhaps progress is in fact a myth, and all we get is veiled digression. Nothing seems to change.


And on that note – adieu.


(But for those who want to depress themselves further about the reality of this shithole we call Earth, here‘s the brother-rape story. And if you want to see whether the earlier link was a one off from, try this. I weep. Especially as sometimes she seems to have something decent to say, too.)

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