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Victory by Emily Dickinson

Victory comes late –
And is held low to freezing lips –
Too rapt with frost
To take it –
How sweet it would have tasted-
Just a Drop-
Was God so economical?
His Table’s spread too high for Us –
Unless We dine on tip-toe –
Crumbs – fit such little mouths –
Cherries – suit robins –
The Eagle’s Golden Breakfast strangles – Them –
God keep His Oath to Sparrows –
Who of little Love – know how to starve –
‘Victory’ has been following me*. I checked my emails recently and saw one from the Say No to Hooters in Sheffield Facebook group called ‘Victory’. The email went as follows:
Ask Developments have decided against Hooters coming to Leopold Square! This is a great victory to EVERYONE who has shown their support here, written letters, signed the petition and told ASK we don’t want Hooters in our town.

Leon Guyett says:’After the careful consideration of our aspirations for Leopold Square, we have taken the decision to cease negotiations with Wings Over England and our continuing our discussions with other parties who have expressed interest in the square.

Notwithstanding that we do not agree with the negative publicity and misconceptions surrounding the Hooters brand. Indeed, we consider that a well-run sports themed restaurant serviced off of West Street would fit in well and add a different dimension to those operators already present.’

So this is one victory won, but we shouldn’t be complacent. Hooters are coming to the UK and we need to continue to voice our opinions about the impropriety of this restaurant.

Once again, Thank you for your amazing support.


Which is fantastic 🙂
Then, yesterday, my eye was caught (as it so frequently is) by the new poster outside the Church. Now normally they have an uplifting message, or a bible extract, or something which at least makes sense in the context…but the new one just says ‘In the beginning God’. And the ‘o’ is the world.
Am I missing something, or is the poster? Because as far as I can tell, there are some words missing. ‘In the beginning was God’ might just about make sense. ‘In the beginning God made a sandwich’, while unexpected, makes sense. But ‘In the beginning God’ doesn’t make sense to me.
Anyway, this is relevant. At the bottom of the poster (I was scrutinising it for any other words which made it make sense), there was an address – for VICTORY Posters. Yes, that word again. There’s something a little disturbing about the Church’s posters coming from a company called ‘Victory’…as if they have some kind of evil master plan which the posters will achieve for them.
(You know what’s better than that? I’ve just discovered that Victory Posters has a website. And I have found the ultimately scary Church Poster:…SEE HERE)
So that’s my ramble for the day. I am clearly being followed by victory. Hopefully one of these days, it’ll catch up and I’ll have some of my own.
And on that note – adieu.
*For those of you who do not yet realise, I am a bit of a drama queen sometimes…the word has actually only appeared twice in the last few days. But it is quite an unusual word 🙂
[Edit: Saw this the day after I first posted this blog – it’s getting kind of creepy now.]

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