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So it’s been a while since I posted regularly, and it’s also been a while since I read the blogs which I follow regularly. Which means that my Google Reader now has 1000+ blog entries to read, and I am working through. I will link you to anything I think is interesting/important…

  • A long time ago, I wrote about the dissertation I was doing about Women in Science. Here’s something which can only give us hope that things are changing, improving: Women In Physics.
  • “A man who fathered nine children by raping his two daughters over many years has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 19-and-a half years.” More here.
  • Maggie Lee warns women about the effects of having a hysterectomy, here.
  • Derek of Doing Feminism talks about White Ribbon Days
  • Jessica Valenti talks about Funny Women
  • Just in time for Thanksgiving, Jill on Feministe writes about who she’s not thankful for, here.
  • And if this isn’t enough links, here‘s the latest Carnival of Feminists (the 68th, don’t you know) with TONS of links to all kinds of relevant blogs…
  • Aaand finally: According to, my blog is written by a man! Well, that was a surprise. I do so love being told my writing is 74% male in the morning…

I’ll return when I return to my Reader – it’s still at 1000+, so I could be some time catching up!!


We Can.

FANTASTIC news on Obama. If you missed his victory speech, check it out over at Menstrual Poetry : link

I didn’t vote for Obama

The beginning of something incredible, February 10, 2007:

Here’s where I’m checking voting details: link

H/T, as ever, to Shakesville 🙂

I know I for one am crossing my fingers as tight as possible for Obama. I wish we could get involved, I feel so helpless, but at least it looks clear that McCain is fighting a losing battle. If only we could be sure.

This just in from The F-Word:

In Argentina, journalists have adopted a ten point list of commandments for reporting on sexual violence. It’s something the UK could do with adopting too, here’s the list:

  1. The following terms are correct usage: violence against women, gender-based violence and sexist violence.
  2. Gender-based violence is a crime insofar as it is illegal behavior that must be prevented and punished, a social problem, an assault on the right to life, dignity, and physical and psychological integrity of women, and an issue that concerns the defense of human rights.
  3. We will uproot from our work the term “crime of passion” to refer to murders of women who are victims of gender violence. Crimes of passion do not exist.
  4. It is of the utmost importance to protect the identity of the victim, rather than that of the aggressor. Make it clear who is the aggressor and who is the victim, and indicate what attitudes and situations may put women in violent relationships at risk, to help raise their awareness about their situation.
  5. Some information can harm the victims and their families. It is not always a good idea to identify the victim. It is offensive to refer to victims by diminutives, short forms of proper names, nicknames, and so on.
  6. We will never look for justifications or “motives” (alcohol, drugs, arguments, jealousy, a couple’s separation, infidelity, and so on) that only distract attention from the central issue: violence. The cause of gender-based violence is the control and domination that certain men exercise over women.
  7. It is essential to check the facts, especially from official sources.
  8. Keep the subject on the agenda by denouncing violence in all its forms: psychological, economic, and emotional, without waiting for women to be killed. Tell the story taking into account the uniqueness of each event, but also the elements that each has in common with other cases. This will help us avoid the use of expressions like “once again” or “yet another case of,” and prevent a dulling of sensitivities.
  9. Be particularly careful with the photographs and images illustrating the article. Respect the victims and their families, and avoid sexism, sensationalism and obscenity. Never steal images or audio material from a victim. When using a musical background, do not select motifs that inspire terror, or lyrics that talk about “love-sickness” or jealousy.
  10. Our articles will always include a free telephone helpline number for victims, and any other information that may be useful for them.

The post it’s from has some other interesting bits and pieces from the news – check it out!

He can still teach? He is still allowed near young women?

*Is sick*


Read this

Not only is this a horrible piece of news, but I found the way in which it was written/the attitudes conveyed quite sickening. There seems to be an implication that it is surprising that ‘Summers had no regard for the law’, and the suggestion that he ‘couldn’t be stopped’ is such a cop out – instead of accepting the responsibility of the police and MAPPA and acknowledging that Summers ought to have been imprisoned or at the very least watched more closely and taken more seriously, they imply that he was an unstoppable force.

How on the Goddess’ sweet green Earth are we meant to progress in catching criminals and preventing crime when ‘official reports’ claim said criminals are ‘unstoppable’??

I have been more than a bit rubbish on here lately. No detailed posts, no news…you may get the impression that I’ve given up.

But while I feel like there’s an awful lot I’m giving up right now, you, dear readers, are not one of those things. Writing this blog opens my eyes constantly, and hopefully has made one or two of you think, every once in a while. Lately, though, I’ve neglected it.

There are hundreds of reasons. The most obvious – I had exams, I travelled, and now I need time just to space out and enjoy just being (which, incidentally, is what one child claimed they could smell when they did a blindfolded trail on the school trip I helped with yesterday – Me: “And what can you smell, J?” J: “I can smell…being” ). But there’s also the emotions that this time entails – the ‘oh my god I’m leaving all my friends behind’ emotion. The ‘oh my god I’m not going to be with my family all the time’ emotion. The ‘oh my god I’m going to be on my own for this one’ emotion. The ‘my results are in August and my whole life hangs in the balance’ emotion. The…well, yeah, the list goes on. I’ve not been handling this emotional car wreck all too well, so I’ve needed to distance myself from…well, from myself a bit. This blog is very much a way of channelling what I care about, an element (and a rather powerful one at that) of myself which I have tried (unsuccessfully, may I add) to distance myself from, so I suppose that is also a reason for my general absence.

There’s also a sense of despair that has become a more permanent fixture, though. I can’t read the news properly at the moment. I struggle to get past the first page of the paper, I look at my RSS feeds, 1000+ unread, and I just let them build up and build up. The world is too dark, it’s too much for me. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, there’s no ‘one day this will all be different’, because there will always be terrible people who, even against the odds, can cock it up for everyone. I just…I dunno, I feel a bit like everything I do, everything I try, is futile. I can’t brighten this world, and hell, by opening people’s eyes to it surely I’m spreading darkness, not preventing it?

Even writing this, though, I know that I don’t (well, can’t) 100% believe it. There have to be small changes everyone can make, differences that matter. There’s always a reason to keep going. But while I’m feeling the futility stronger than usual (which is, no doubt, tied to this stressful [supposedly holiday] time), I tend to leave the world behind, and that, I think, is the main reason for my neglect. When I can’t make the difference in my own world right now, what use is there in trying with the world?

So I apologise. I’ll be back soon, and hopefully with a vengeance. I’ve returned to reading Who Cooked The Last Supper?, which is one of the reasons that this blog exists in the first place, and I fully intend to keep my promise to profile the various bluestockings women. For now, though, I need a bit of time to clear my head. It might be a few hours, it might be a few weeks. We’ll see.

So until we meet again, friends, adieu.

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