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Today was my first job at the Castle! It was for a wedding, and was me and a friend (who also got the job hoorah) and our boss setting up everything.

It was really good fun, and totally utterly exhausting!

What I liked about it was the way our boss didn’t treat us any differently to the way he treated everyone else – there were no allowances made for ‘the ladies’, we could carry boxes and chairs just as well as anyone else. Which was mostly true…but it took two of us for a table, I must confess.

Anyway, it went well with that attitude until right at the end, when we were packing up the tables. So we have a table between us, he has one of his own, and we’re putting down the legs but my friend and I are struggling. Getting there, but struggling. So he tells us to put it flat on the floor, stand on it and kind of nudge the legs with your heel.

Of course, he’s wearing big smart shoes, we’re wearing flats. Not much power behind them. No joy.

He looks over and says ‘oh honestly, you two are such big girls

I kneel. I push, in one swift movement, the legs down and into place. My friend follows suit.

I stand. “Yes, yes we are. Two big girls with big strong hands

Heh. How fun =] He didn’t comment on it after that! Hell, we worked our big-girl-socks off, so he had nothing to complain about!

It’s quite nice having some human contact. Being trapped in my room revising is slowly driving me insane. Means that I have less experiences of dipshits who argue with me, but also less experiences of the greatness of people – working at a wedding makes you realise how happy people can be, I guess. I’d never been to a wedding before, and I can’t say I’m all that enthusiastic about the traditionalist elements to it (giving away your daughter, anyone?) but there’s something about a wedding that seems to leave everyone with a smile on their face.

It wasn’t the Pimms, I swear 😉


…so today, well tonight, I will relish my last moments of holiday, of escape. I’ve given up on things lately – work mostly, depression about the state of the world (made easier by trying to avoid the news and any research), people. Keeping my room tidy. Reading what I’m supposed to read.

It was only for a few days. And now I know that My Life As It Really Is must resume soon – tomorrow, in fact. Those three essays I’ve ignored need to be done. That presentation on my project about women in science? Yeah, gotta do that. The revision for my History and English exams? Ought to dig into that at some point. What’s that? I have to see friends and family and walk around and breathe as well? Great.

As a final flourish of the Free Flag, then, I will provide you with some lovely things that have managed to distract me for a few hours. Enjoy. After this it’ll no doubt get gritty again.

Oh and by the way – some of these things are weird 🙂

A movie in a minute …yes, I just said movie. That’s what they’ve called them. I’m on holiday, I can’t complain 🙂

They do books too

Hello Boys and Girls, today we’re going to make music…count and play your rhythm sticks, if you have them 😀 This site just has loadsa sound bytes. These are my favourites so far!

Bullet + Crayons = fun

These two have whole books. On teh internetz! 😀

The Mockery of the Bible. Worth it for the foolery section alone. Obviously there are issues with all of it – but today is holiday day and I’m not going into them.

You know the words you can put on your fridge? The magnetic ones of joy? There’s a huge fridge in cyberspace all for you…and everyone else in the world…YAY 😀

A title generator (for stories, poems, you name it 🙂 )

This is what my house will look like when I’m all growed up.

Scrap that. My house will be all of these. Combined.

But if you really want something disheartening, as that is what this blog usually seems to bring to your attention, try this. It’s pathetic. Have something that’s depressing in a cheery way to make up for it : *smiles*

Back in the dream world – ooh, an online typewriter thing 🙂

Some of these photos are incredible – I love the 5th one the most =]

A pac man game with SCOUTING FOR GIRLS! Hoorah, all of my dreams have come true 😛

Bible Google! Hahahaha wow. I’m happy.

Story in a sentence. Kinda like postsecret in a way. But nowhere near as good. Some interesting ones though 🙂

The Beatles make me happy. Bit of a weird link tho.

I. Love. Words.

And I love this

Sarcasm. Society. Need I say more?

In fact, no. I think I’ve said enough. I fear I must now resign myself to sleep, fully aware that when I wake the work will descend and there will seem to be no end. There we go, that’s life.

And on that note – adieu!

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