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The Gender Mirror – pretty interesting way to approach modern issues – invert them! It certainly makes you think…

Feminism is bad for your health. This is from last year. Gah.

And, unrelated – uk teenagers may have to, among other things, pledge allegiance to the queen. Um – no. It’s a rather mixed article actually…

Some laughs :

The style and content of the events should be “re-energised”, perhaps with a rendition by schoolchildren of the pop song We Are The World, last year’s report said.

(Seriously, I laughed a LOT…just picture the teenagers you know in the UK. Now picture them singing We Are The World while declaring their joy to be a British citizen and their love of the Queen. Please.)

Some ideas that are almost good:

Lord Goldsmith has also hinted at updating the national anthem by removing verses which are rarely performed.

I’d just change it altogether though, tbh. It doesn’t reflect England properly and it is such a tuneless piece of crap.

Some realism:

People born and raised in this country are often far too cynical about being British and it seems to be a national pastime to put down British institutions and our way of life.

Aaaand…some SHOCK:

It has been reported that laws, such as sleeping with the wife of the heir to the throne, which carries life imprisonment, would be scrapped or reformed because they are regarded as outdated.

What, outdated?? You mean, like, life imprisonment for adultery isn’t still the norm? And heirs to the throne don’t have to be married? Or men? Never. *Sigh*

And on that note – adieu!


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