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I just died a little inside. Not in the Shakespearian way, as the HLA will be pleased to know – oh to see their faces if their site had given me an orgasm…

Moving on to the point, I’d like to introduce you to the Human Life Alliance. Not only does it advocate abstinence until marriage (with the great ‘duct tape experiment’ on page 16 – check it out if you’ve got a strong stomach, it always makes me a little sick to read such idiotic claims) but it also makes the usual anti-choice lies about abortion and claims to answer the ‘rhetoric’ of pro-choicers -RE rape:

It is a despicable injustice when a woman is violated and raped. If a crime of this nature occurs and a child is conceived, HLA believes strongly in bringing the criminal to justice, however, we stand firmly in defense of the woman and the innocent new individual now existing – for neither have committed a crime.


What then is abortion? Does it fall in the category of choices that we ought to condemn or condone? First, it is killing. Abortion renders something that was demonstrably alive, demonstrably dead. Second, what is killed is human. The fetus that grows in a mother’s womb is not a duck. The female reproductive system is designed for the precise purpose of carrying this living being. Therefore, abortion is the killing of a human being. People cannot hide behind the argument of saying they are personally opposed to abortion but wouldn’t want to restrict someone else’s “right.” Try that argument in the following situations: “I’m personally opposed to slavery…”; “I’m personally opposed to gassing Jews…”. Furthermore, it should be quite obvious that even though people will continue to do wrong things, the solution is not to redefine right and wrong or to enable people to more easily carry out wrong things. The government does not legalize theft just because lots of people do it (and get injured doing it) and will continue to do it despite what the law says.

Young women getting abortions:

The women who have the most abortions are between ages 20-24. This is why HLA concentrates so much energy on reaching college students with the truth about the harmful effects of abortion and the humanity of the unborn child. HLA hopes to reach these students with the truth before they choose to suffer the pain of an abortion and the physical and psychological risks that follow.

There is a reason that I’m showing you this. A good friend of mine just sent me the link to their latest form of propaganda – a magazine for young women and men all about how great abstinence is, how terrible abortion is, how boys just don’t listen to girls, how girls are all crazy-emotional and marriage-obsessed, and all the other handy tips and facts that your newly-brainwashed ‘youths’ need to know. Hell, they even define love in one easy sentence!

I think the idea of such magazines on campus or in youth groups or schools is despicable. Spreading anti-choice lies is not acceptable. Yet here they are, a newly formed society, already spreading the word.

They have a response, of course.

9. How dare you put this on my campus and upset all these girls like this. This is too controversial to have on a college campus. Don’t you people have any respect for women!

HLA has great respect for women. It is because of our great respect for all human life that we are determined to educate people on the issue of abortion. Abortion harms women. Talking about abortion can be very upsetting for people, but it would be even more devastating to them if they had an abortion.

Of course. They don’t know how it will affect them, they don’t understand. Even if they wanted an abortion, that’s just because they’re ignorant. Poor youngsters who want to make their own decisions, we must help them realise that they are wrong in desiring autonomy. Psssh, women.


…of Praise-God Barebones. And his poor poor son, Nicholas Unless-Jesus-Christ-Had-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned Barbon.


But still – crazy. Totally crazy. How could he get away with changing his name to that? How can he get away with wanting murder charges for doctors who perform abortions? And the women who have them? How?

I should probably give you the link now, right? So you know what on sweet-mother-earth I’m talking about? 🙂

Anyway, I must away to my philosophy coursework. We have the coursework exam tomorrow, and I’m still not happy with mine so I’m putting finishing touches to it now. It’s a FOUR HOUR exam, with a break in the middle, and we have to basically write it all out again. All 4,000 words. Hooray. Still, we get 1,000 words notes, so it could be worse I guess. It just strikes me as a total waste of time. And it’s 40% of our grade this year! 10% per hour!!


And on that note – adieu.

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