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Seriously, MAN CRISPS? Fucking MAN CRISPS?

How can they get away with this kind of advertising?

I actually hate the world.


I have neglected you. It was my exams and then my birthday, then my party and, immediatly after, a 5day trip to Paris, which I returned from on Friday, only to return to work on Sat and Sun! So I’ve had no time for a breather until now… I hope to return in even more detail now that I have the Summer (although even this is proving rather less free and rather more busy than anticipated), and to keep you going I give you this to mull over:

Yeah, I know. Hideous, huh?

makes me sick. But it’s always there, and complaining about it gets so darn tiresome. And ruins the breaks between perfectly decent, non-sexist programmes (cos there actually are a few…)

This one has really got me riled, and I didn’t even see it on TV, but on The F-Word

It is very distressing that this has been shown on tv. It’s like, we have a society that is supposedly gradually moving forwards, we have laws against things like sexism and yet advertising is allowed to ignore them and appeal to everyone’s sexist, prejudiced sides. If only there were more of us who don’t have them!

Oh goodness. I just found this and I feel really, really unwell now. I simply can’t understand why people would want to do something like this:

and this is ridiculous (the oh-so-rare-but-still-so-wrong objectification of men…) :

and perleeeeese, this is so stupid:

On a brighter (kinda) note, in America tomorrow they are doing something marvellous – a Day of Silence “to highlight the bullying and harassment of LGBTQ students, and their supporters”, something which has apparently been going on since 1996. If I’d only known earlier I’d have tried to organise something – as it is, all I can do is say props to those who are doing it in America, I think it’s wonderful and I wonder why England hasn’t followed suit. I only wish that such a day weren’t necessary in the first place.

See more in this vid, which is amazing and has my favourite actor from Grey’s Anatomy in it (he plays George :D)

And on that note – Adieu!

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