So me and my friends are planning to set up a Feminist Society at our uni. Cos in Exeter, no one seems to really give a shit about much but we’re sure there must be other people like us out there who, if they were given a venue for it, would have some cool ideas/views.

The original plan was to call it FemSoc.

But now there are dilemmas, such as:

1. People think it sounds feminine. Won’t it exclude guys?

2. If we’re a gender equality soc instead, it won’t look as dodgy on our CVs

3. Um.

4. No, that’s it.

So the suggestion is now The G Soc. Sounds like g spot, which is cool. But means that we would be the ‘gender equality society’.

Obviously, that’s what feminism is about. But I fear that there are two issues with this:

1. It feels like we are afraid of proclaiming what we are. I am a feminist. They are feminists. Yes, we will get shit for this, but that is no reason to hide the aim of our society.

2. We will be focusing on women in our society. Yes, we will look at how society is affecting men as well. But the focus will be women. Isn’t ‘gender equality society’ a bit misleading?

That said, ‘let’s hit the g-soc’ has a great ring to it…

Thoughts, anyone?