You have to understand, sometimes it hurts. Sometimes you have to take something you love, and look again. Sometimes you have to destroy it, and sometimes it can feel like it’s destroying you. But in order to beat privilege, you have to acknowledge it. You have to see where you are lucky enough to be blind, you have to stop seeing the world in black and white and allow yourself to be stunned by the sudden harsh colours of the world.

This might be innocent to you, it might be nothing. But every time you watch a film which revolves around violence against women and you simply enjoy it, think again about how this could affect others. Everytime you see a film with silent female characters, or none whatsoever, just stop and think for a moment. Everytime you see a film with a token black person in it, or a film where the black guy is the butt of the jokes and ‘always the one to die first’, just think how that can affect other people. Everytime you see a film where everyone is middle class and heterosexual, acknowledge it.

I do not ask you to give up the pleasures in your life. I do not expect you to boycott film, I do not expect you to forgo humour. All I ask is that you look, and that you see. All I ask is that you acknowledge that yes, you ARE lucky, you ARE privileged. That something needs to be done.

I do not want to emasculate you, I do not want to scare you. I do not ‘need a man’, and I do not need to lighten up. What I need is for you to listen, just this once. The world is not as simple as you think it is. It’s not as kind as you think it is. It is time you woke up and looked around you. Things have to change.