So it’s been a while since I posted regularly, and it’s also been a while since I read the blogs which I follow regularly. Which means that my Google Reader now has 1000+ blog entries to read, and I am working through. I will link you to anything I think is interesting/important…

  • A long time ago, I wrote about the dissertation I was doing about Women in Science. Here’s something which can only give us hope that things are changing, improving: Women In Physics.
  • “A man who fathered nine children by raping his two daughters over many years has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 19-and-a half years.” More here.
  • Maggie Lee warns women about the effects of having a hysterectomy, here.
  • Derek of Doing Feminism talks about White Ribbon Days
  • Jessica Valenti talks about Funny Women
  • Just in time for Thanksgiving, Jill on Feministe writes about who she’s not thankful for, here.
  • And if this isn’t enough links, here‘s the latest Carnival of Feminists (the 68th, don’t you know) with TONS of links to all kinds of relevant blogs…
  • Aaand finally: According to, my blog is written by a man! Well, that was a surprise. I do so love being told my writing is 74% male in the morning…

I’ll return when I return to my Reader – it’s still at 1000+, so I could be some time catching up!!