So I reckon just about everyone in the USA and the UK knows about Bristol and Sarah Palin. Yes, I put her daughter first – the reason being that I have heard so gosh darn much about Bristol, I feel like I know her myself. She’s become a celebrity in her own right, whether she wants that or not.

Now I do not condone the reactions of the USA to Sarah Palin. Within hours of the announcement of her being chosen as VP, there were sexist remarks being thrown around just as they were (and still are) about Clinton. Of course, this time it’s an issue, this time it’s allowed to be political because it’s the Republicans who have to face the sexism (see The Daily Show on this un – link), and this reaction is infuriating – However, the sexism still matters even if it is directed at someone who holds views directly opposed to feminism. What I do condone (and this is unusual for me) is, in this case, looking at her personal life. Now the feminist movement has been saying for years that the personal is political, yet in Sarah Palin’s personal life there lies a huge contradiction to her politics. Not in what shoes she wears, how she does her hair, how she speaks to her family or what her favourite meal is to cook, these are all irrelevant to her politics. But she claimed that her daughter, Bristol, had made the “decision” to have her child. But look again at what Palin stands for. She is anti-abortion. She is anti-choice. So she is happy for her daughter to have the right to a decision, but if she had her way no one else should be allowed the luxury of that choice.

The Daily Show summed this up beautifully, and hilariously:


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