I wrote a while ago about SPUC visiting my sister’s school. Well apparently they did (she thinks she missed the assembly – phew!)

Anyway, I recently received an email from a woman from Education For Choice, who had read my blog and who provided me with some info about the charity she works for. So I’ve written to the school to let them know that SPUC isn’t the only organisation that they can get in to talk to their students – here’s what I said:

To whom it may concern,
Recently, I was informed that SPUC came to Priory to give a talk to year 10s about abortion. SPUC is a biased, disgracefully untruthful organisation which denies women basic human rights, yet it was deemed suitable to talk to your students. I was horrified to hear of their coming, especially as no alternative was provided, no pro-choice organisation invited to speak to the students as well. At this age, these young women and men are extremely impressionable, so being told lies by an anti-choice organisation may well affect their beliefs for the rest of their lives.
While I accept the importance of freedom of speech, providing such people with a platform and a chance to influence young minds is reprehensible. Yet if you insist upon doing so, at least allow these young people the chance to make up their own minds by providing a balanced account. There is an abortion education charity in the UK called Education For Choice, who “work with professionals as well as young people and parents themselves to ensure that young people only receive accurate, evidence-based information about abortion and are able to consider all of the pregnancy choices in a way that respects choice“. I believe that they are willing to do talks at schools, and are certainly able to provide information and assistance in teaching students in a way that respects women’s rights. If you must invite organisations like SPUC to speak to your students, please invite other organisations who are able to provide an alternative way of thinking.
Here’s the link to their website: www.efc.org.uk, their number: 020 7249 3535, and their address: Education For Choice, The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL. Also attached is their education pack.
I hope that this information is enough for you to be able to provide your students with a more balanced account of abortion, and that you think twice before you next invite a society which willingly tells lies to young people in order to get them to share their beliefs.
Here’s hoping that gets the message across!