At work last week, my boss continued his sorting of his extensive cd collection. It’s certainly an interesting mix, and I like most of it. But this one was just too far:

Just – WHAT? A song about a man who stops loving his wife because after having children she is ‘fat’, so he ‘has to kill her’?

Oh wait, it’s humour. Funny, yeah. The ultimate excuse, and yet again I’m playing the humourless feminist. Ever occur to anyone that rather than being humourless we just find FUNNY things amusing? Rather than songs which make a joke of frikking murder.

Apparently complaining about this makes me ‘militant’. Boo hoo. I’ll take whatever names are thrown at me, I will not sit by thinking this shit is bad and not say anything. People need to think about what they are saying and listening to.

And on that note – adieu