Brownfemipower has stopped blogging. So has blackamazon. I just thought I’d fill you in.


Feministe responds to the issue

When any of us have a soapbox, an opportunity to get up and talk, we must continue to stand by those who aren’t called on. If you want to consider yourself an anti-racist or a white ally to people of color — if you want anyone else to consider you those things — then it behooves you to swim against the current. If everyone did, perhaps the tides would turn, even if it was just in our corner of the blogosphere.

I wish this hadn’t happened. I never really got the chance to look at BFP’s writing in detail, but what I read of her blog was very powerful. It’s terrible that she should be driven from blogging like this. Equally with blackamazon. I just hope that it serves as a lesson to everyone (it has certainly made me re-think what feminism stands for a great deal), and that they returns when they each feel that they are ready.