This, while (sadly) unsurprising, is certainly an interesting read. Women, it would seem, as still seen by 1 in 4 people in Ireland to be partly (if not wholly) responsible for being raped.

As I have said before, I find this idea ridiculous. One of the statistics shows that

38% believe a woman must share some of the blame if she walks through a deserted area.

If someone was walking through a deserted area and was robbed, would they be blamed? While, of course, one should be aware of their own safety, this blaming of the victim is simply unacceptable.

Still, as “dagnymeetsassisi” says, this can also be viewed positively:

” More than 30% think a victim is some way responsible if she flirts with a man or fails to say no clearly. ”

Or, 2/3rds believe a woman is NOT responsible despite flirting…. a commanding majority. How would that figure have looked in the 1970’s?

“37% think a woman who flirts extensively is at least complicit, if not completely in the wrong, if she is the victim of a sex crime.”

63% – again a commanding majority – do not believe the woman is complicit or wrong.

“One in three think a woman is either partly or fully to blame if she wears revealing clothes.”

Two of three do not believe the woman is partly to blame; most respondants, that is.

“38% believe a woman must share some of the blame if she walks through a deserted area.”

Again, 62% do not beleive a woman shares some part of the blame. Most people, in other words.

I’m not sure how far I agree with this, as 1 in 4 is still distressing regardless of the wiser 3 that believe the rapist to be the criminal, not the victim.

Intrigued, as ever, to hear your thoughts.

And on that note – adieu.