This is for Andy and the others who were in creative writing today. And actually, for anyone who happens to be interested…

Today we had a discussion in Creative Writing about rape/the safety of women in England now. I’ve found some links that I think are relevant:

“While they conclude there was some evidence of poor investigation and lack of understanding of the law, the main problem was the culture of scepticism among both the police and prosecutors.” (Second source above)

  • The rape conviction rate for the last couple of years has proven much more difficult to find than I anticipated. I think we may be wrong in saying that it is as low as 2%, I think it is actually more likely that it has remained at 5 or 6%. (This, from 2007, says 5%…) This is still shocking, as the rate has dropped. By 31.4%.
  • This, from 2007, covers a great deal of the issues and inbuilt stereotypes in society RE rape, and discusses both the issues and solutions.

“Judgements about the credibility of charges of rape are often influenced by impressions of the woman’s attractiveness, demeanour, dress and alcohol consumption which are in fact irrelevant to the real issue of consent and the perpetrator’s culpability.”

“Prevalent public attitudes about rape also have a clear influence on the investigation and prosecution of rape cases and at court, and contribute to the low rape conviction rate. Police, prosecutors, judges and, perhaps most importantly, jurors are as likely as any other members of the public to internalise common attitudes about rape, and misconceptions about who are ‘real’ rapists and victims.”

  • Responses to the question ‘Why are rape conviction rates so low?’, this January.
  • An incredible performance poet, speaking about rape (in fact, check out her site cos she really is amazing)
  • And finally (as I think I’ll have to continue this another time because I’m getting so tired and depressed), this – it shouldn’t still need to be said, hell it should never have needed to be said, but it is still relevant and a pretty powerful post. Also the source of my title – see the comments.

On a completely unrelated (and yet, as ever, related in some way) point: this guy’s poem is really powerful.

And on that note – adieu.