at an open mic night in Brighton. I’m quite pleased with it…

It is based upon this picture…from post secret =]

Yesterday (Inspired by a postsecret postcard)

Yesterday I tried to find god

I started deep within myself because

it’s as good a place as any to begin.

So I settled down

and looked within.

In a time of loneliness and sorrow

when my very being seemed to be hollow,

I hoped a god on side would help me through

when I was feeling low and blue.

So I tried my best to understand

how within me there resides a man

who is everything and everyone,

but I must confess that it did not take long

for my mind to wander way off track:

I was lost and there was no way back

from my thoughts of emptiness and love.

There was no voice to captivate from up above

Crying “you’ve found me now it’s your turn to hide”.

There was no answer, no shining light to guide,

No bingo! There was no grand revelation.

But determined to discover my salvation

I decided to look

in a so called holy book

hoping therein would lie the answer that I sought.

Some time later I emerged, distraught

to find misogyny had found a base

in the most vulnerable, hopeful place

within so many searching for an explanation,

longing for a perfect destination

to the journey that our lives begin.

Yet finding gods that reprimand our ‘sin’

and seek confirmation of our ‘true’ belief,

although for some it may provide relief,

seems like a faith that I can do without.

So when I look on with a sceptic’s doubt,

and see ‘gods’, husks of our imagination,

that seem to have a hold upon the nation

I cannot help but disagree

that god can tell me what to do and who to be.

And while I watch the faithful wistfully

and wish I could find consolation in the guarantee

of a life after death, that’s rich and rare,

if I’m honest I can’t say I really care,

when to find this hope I must give up my reason

and my logic and all I truly believe in.

As I value values more than what I’m taught

my beliefs held out against the god I’d sought

and revealed a passion unbeknownst to me

So yesterday I searched for god,

but my failure set me free.

And on that note – adieu.